Robot Uncle - Motu Patlu Cartoons in Hindi

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Robot Uncle - Motu Patlu Cartoon in Hindi

Motu Patlu Cartoons series is loved by every age of people and that's why its searches increase day by day.

Motu Patlu - Robot Uncle Episode Plot: 

In this episode of Motu Patlu Robot Uncle, an evil scientist converts humans into robots by experiments and want to make his robots army to rule over the world.

He experiments on an old man which turns half robot and half man and that man successfully escapes from there and ran away and came to motu patlu house when they are taking their breakfast and ask them to help him. And tell them all the truth, the scientist also came to motu patlu house in search of the robot uncle and ask motu to handover robot uncle to him otherwise they will beat him and he calls his robots and motu and patlu ran from there with robot uncle and went to dr. jhatka's lab and ask for help. but doctor jhatka failed at that time and they all ran away from their and call inspector chingum and when chingum came their they robots beat him also.

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When they have no choice motu eats samosa and start fighting with robots and beat them and till that moment dr.jhatka successfully made converter machine which converts robots into their real condition and converts all the robots into humans in their real conditions and then chingum arrest that evil scientist and robot uncle thanks motu patlu for helping him.
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Robot Uncle - Motu Patlu Cartoons in Hindi

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